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XXL Mid-Grade Elk 2 Pack

XXL Mid-Grade Elk 2 Pack


This listing is for 2 XXL whole elk Mid-grade elk is a great option to save a few bucks but still have a really good product. When we buy antlers, it’s done in 3 grades of antler. A grade (premium) B grade (mid-grade) and C grade (economy) The mid-grade line are usually freshly found with-in one year of the elk dropping them so they are typically premium grade on one side and economy on the other. This level of weathering doesn't degrade the antler too extensively and allows the dog to have a great product at a more reasonable price.


Elk Antler is generally softer than deer. Elk is a great option for most dogs and is often favored over most. If you have an extremely aggressive chewer, I would suggest looking at deer antler. Split antler is one of the best choices for your dog to chew. It allows dogs to get into the antler and clean their teeth even easier. Split antler is one of the more favored chews although it doesn’t last quite as long.


Size and Quality Information: All antlers will vary in size and shape but will adhere to these basic standards. Some will be thicker and some thinner. Elk antlers can be long and skinny or short and fat. Multipacks include a mixture of the two.

  • Smalls 4-6” Best fo Small dogs
  • Medium 4-7” Best for Small - Medium sized dogs
  • Large 6-8” Best for Small-Medium Sized Dogs
  • XL 6-9” Best for Medium-Large Dogs
  • XXL 10-12”+ Best for Medium - Largest Dogs