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XXL Mid-Grade Deer Antler Dog Chew

XXL Mid-Grade Deer Antler Dog Chew

SKU: 51

This is for 1 or 2 XXL chew. XXL is the largest chew for your mid to XXL sized dog.  This line of deer antler chews is a mid grade.  Mid grade antler means that it may have some cracks started on one side of the antler but is only lightly weathered.  These may even include some that are premium quality antler but have a few squirrel chew marks started on them or slight discoloration that will not harm your dog.  These will have way more integrity then the economy line and almost unnoticeable from the premium line, except that they just won't look quite as perfect as those.  Mid-grade antlers are a great option to save a few bucks and still have most of the qualities of the premium line.  This line of antler will be only available as supplies last.