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Medium Deer Antler Dog Chew - 1 Pound Economy

Medium Deer Antler Dog Chew - 1 Pound Economy

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The economy line of antler is of lower quality then the premium and is more weathered than the premium antler but very similar to what you will find in most big box retail stores.  This is the most economical option available out of all the qualities of antler dog chews.  Economy antlers still have no odor but may have slightly more pieces and will not last as long as the premium.  These economy antlers still hold great integrity and will last a long time.  This option is perfect for light to heavy chewers.  Premium antlers are best for your most aggressive super chewers.  You will not receive the antler in the picture but of that size.  Antlers all vary in size, shape, color and quality. 


    All antlers will vary in size and shape but will adhere to these basic standards.  Some will be thicker and some thinner.

    • Smalls 4-6”  Best fo Small dogs

    • Medium 6-7” Best for Small - Medium sized dogs

    • Large 7-9” Best for Small-Medium Sized Dogs

    • XL 8-11”  Best for Medium-Large Dogs

    • XXL 14”+ Best for Medium - Largest Dogs

    Economy antler is weathered but still has its integrity.  There may be cracking on both sides of the antler but it will be light enough that the antler should last your dog for some time.


    I strive to please my customers.  I hand cut, pick, sand and mail each of your orders.  The product descriptions have been carefully written to ensure you know what product you are receiving.  However if you are not happy with your product, please let me know as soon as possible and each situation will be handled individually.