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Ground Antler Powder

Ground Antler Powder


This unique product is made from ground up antlers to a fine powder. My dog devours it as it falls from my saw blade. I found a safe way to pulverize the antler down to a fine powder. It is then sifted multiple times to ensure no chunks are left. Add this to your dogs food as an alternative for some of the healthy attributes of antler. The large amount of protein and calcium aids in joint health, digestion and helps your dog with its coat and skin. I give this powder to all my dogs and they love it. If your older dog is having trouble eating, this may also help your do like its food again. Each one of these 8oz bags comes with a free tsp scoop. 1/2 tsp per 25Lb of weight is all you need. We now offer a 16oz bag option as well.

This product is not for human consumption.