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Small Premium Elk Antler Dog Chew - 4 Pack

Small Premium Elk Antler Dog Chew - 4 Pack

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This is for 4 small whole elk antlers.  This antler is a premium high quality elk. Elk is one of the most popular choices for an antler chew due to it being softer than deer and allows chewers of all sorts to make progress on the chew without it being too hard.  You will not receive the antler in this image but one that fits within my sizing chart.  Antlers vary in size, quality, shape and color.  These antlers are for the purpose of being a dog chew. Thank you for shopping with Black Hills Antlers.

  • Size and Quality Information

    All antlers will vary in size and shape but will adhere to these basic standards.  Some will be thicker and some thinner.  Elk antlers can be long and skinny or short and fat.  Multipacks include a mixture of the two.

    • Smalls 4-6”  Best fo Small dogs

    • Medium 4-7” Best for Small - Medium sized dogs

    • Large 6-8” Best for Small-Medium Sized Dogs

    • XL 6-9”  Best for Medium-Large Dogs

    • XXL 10-12”+ Best for Medium - Largest Dogs

    Premium Antlers are of the highest quality and integrity.  These are the longest lasting and best antlers you can buy.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    I strive to please my customers.  I hand cut, pick, sand and mail each of your orders.  The product descriptions have been carefully written to ensure you know what product you are receiving.  However if you are not happy with your product, please let me know as soon as possible and each situation will be handled individually.